Spruced up

What with the rain and the general miserable summer so far the allotment has taken a real battering over the last couple of weeks. A combination of rain but humid weather accelerated the growth of everything. So quickly most things like the chard, bak choi, rocket and radishes bolted. Over the space of 5 days we had missed so many crops. But you live and learn. And that is what growing and working this plot is all about. Learning what works, what doesn’t and what we would do differently next year.

Going to seed already!

The most disheartening thing is all the potential food going to waste and the energy expended when things bolt before you get a chance to harvest it. But looking on the bright side it all goes on the ever expanding compost heap and will be fed back into the garden next year as lovely rich compost. Over the course of last weekend the various Beecholme volunteers spent time clearing the bolted crops and just generally sprucing up the site.

At some point in the spring we had decided that we would sow a whole raised bed of radishes! Who was to know that no-one was going to eat them! So lesson learned- next year only sow what people are going to eat. Keep it simple. The radish bed was one of the first to be cleared and in its place Raul and I began to plant out kale that we had seeded in the greenhouse in March. This has been a slow process as we have been turning the soil and using a special technique that Raul learned from his parents when growing up in Spain. It’s really worth it. The lettuces Tom and Raul planted out earlier this month are doing well.

Looking good

The other veg that is doing reasonably well are the peas that are climbing the west wall of the plot. They will be ready to pick soon, probably this weekend.

Almost ready….

And the tomatoes….More of which next time.