Winter activity


It felt like the winter was never going to end this year. Snow seemed to be the default weather. But that hasn’t stopped Tom and Raul being busy in the garden.

IMG_0992 (1)

Tom's new steed

On Tom’s new Christiana bike they picked up some of the waste produce from London Fields Brewery.

IMG_1002 (1)

IMG_0998 (1)


They then dug deep trenches in each of the beds and created a layer cake of hops and green manure to overwinter.

IMG_1005The compost bin is thriving!

Jobs for July

Sowing seeds
There’s still time to plant out seeds for successional crops such as lettuces, beans and chard in the plots on the right hand side when you walk in.

Plant out
There’s still some kale and beetroot in the greenhouse ready to be planted out.

Routine care
Continue to water regularly.
Weeding around plants.
Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes and bean plants.

Runner beans, courgettes, rhubarb are all ready to be picked as and when you see them.
The herbs in the pots are doing really well too.

Other jobs
Take cuttings if we want to propagate perennial herbs like Rosemary.
The beans on the back wall have spent and could be cut back. If we leave the roots in the ground they will pit nitrogen back into the soil.




On Thursday evening we had fun constructing these wigwam supports for the dwarf beans and green beans. We planted the seeds directly into the ground. Hopefully we’ll be harvesting lovely beans in the autumn…

Vegetarian Okonomiyaki, aka Japanese Cabbage Pancakes


My lunch today with Veg gathered from the garden, I will show you below what i used from the garden.Image

Kale instead of the cabbage usually used in Japanese pancakes


some tree cabbage


Chopped up with grated courgette and freshly picked coriander


whisk in some eggs half a cup of flour, pinch of chilli flakes and grated cheese too.

cooked in a pan like a pancake, super tasty. follow the below link for a good recipe.