About the garden

Beecholme Community Garden is situated at the back of Beecholme Estate in Clapton, Hackney. The garden belongs to the Beecholme Estate and is currently being tended by a group of people who live in or around the estate. The whole garden is worked by the team as opposed to having individual plots. The idea is that the group works together to manage the tasks at hand. The aim is to have an open garden for people from the local community to drop in and enjoy the plants and get involved!

7 thoughts on “About the garden

  1. Hello. This is my first visit to your blog. It’s a great community idea. I am a member of Beelarong Community Farm in Brisbane, Australia. I work as a volunteer on the community garden each Wednesday morning, the rest of the time I work on my own allotment, 16 square metres of ground. Not a lot, but enough to keep me in most veggies. Best wishes from Jean.

    • Hi Jean, Thanks for visiting our blog all the way from Brisbane! Having enough veggies that you have grown yourself is so satisfying. This is our first year, so we’re still learning and combined with a wet summer it’s been a bit of a slow start. But we are harvesting things! All the best, Hilary

  2. Hi, any chance of a map on this site so I can see how to get to the garden?
    Thanks Tom.
    Best wishes
    Ryk (“Rick”)

  3. Hello, I have an idea to start something similar to this in Lower Clapton, but on a smaller plot of land. Would it be OK to come and see you for some advice about starting up?

    • Hi Tim, that sounds like a great idea. The garden is open on Sundays between 10am-12pm, so pop along then to have a chat. Cheers.

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