Rhubarb and ginger jam

The allotment is bursting with rhubarb at the moment!


So this weekend (one of the hottest this year) I decided to tackle the glut and make some jam.

1.5kg rhubarb chopped into 2inch bits
1.5kg granulated sugar
75g crystallised ginger chopped
75g root ginger grated
2 sachets of pectin*
1 lemon Zest and juice

Jam pan or heavy bottomed pan
7x 200ml jars
Wax discs
Saucer in freezer

*Rhubarb has very little pectin which is the naturally occurring setting agent that occurs in some fruit. Therefore you need to add pectin to this mixture to help the jam set. You can buy pectin in good supermarkets.

Mix the ingredients together in a plastic or glass bowl. Cover and leave to stand overnight.


Leaving the mixture over night allows the sugar to dissolve and draws the juice out of the rhubarb. Stirring the mixture occasionally helps quicken the process.


The following morning pop a saucer into the freezer. Transfer the mixture to a jam pam or heavy bottomed pan. Bring the mixture slowly to boil and then fast boil for 15 mins.

Next test the jam to see if it has set. To do this take the saucer out of the freezer and drop a teaspoon of jam onto the plate. Let the jam cool for 30 seconds and then push the jam with your finger. If it is at setting point the jam should wrinkle under your finger pressure. If it doesn’t allow the jam to boil a few minutes longer and then try the saucer test again.

Once at setting point allow the jam to cool slightly before transferring to sterilised jars, placing wax discs on the surface of the jam before securing the lid. Enjoy! Next I want to tackle the beetroot glut! Chutney or pickle? Chutney or pickle?



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