Thursdays pickings (first tomatos)



In the spirit of community!

Since starting this blog we’ve noticed there are community gardens a plenty across Hackney and beyond! A new local initiative hasĀ  has sprung up recently : E5roots. They have a similar motivation as us: for neighbours to grow food together.

It’s lovely to hear of other intiatives going on and to share experiences. And not just here in Hackney! Jean in Brisbane Australia (hi Jean!) came across our blog and got in touch. She has her own allotment in Brisbane but is active in her community garden too – Beelarong Community Farm in Brisbane, Australia.

Little frogs

I Just want to introduce everybody to some of the new garden residents, whom I hope are going to help eat up some of the local mollusc community that seems to of expanded allot lately, take care not to stand on them as they are barely a 1 cm big, incredible little things.