a saturdays cropping

a saturdays cropping

we have been harvesting the delights of the garden- this is when all the blood, sweat and tears of a hard digging pays off 🙂 happy gardeners- please come to our weekly volunteer session tomorrow- 11am-1pm

sunday 23rd June


IMG_1832 IMG_1833

we Harvested some of the garlic today, I am cooking with it right now.

IMG_1835then we enjoyed some of the rhubarb harvested earlier on in the week, we had it stewed with honey and ginger, and ate it with some roasted almonds and yoghurt.

rainy Rhubarb harvest

Wet Friday rhubarb harvest, cabbages look like they are enjoying it, looking forward to this Sundays volunteer gardening ,sunny forecast – cant wait to start planting out the seedlings-please come and say hello if you want to get involved